The U.S. Attorney General. Fields of Specialization

 Every member of human society is aware of the important role of justice and law in life of this society. Steady regulations are an inseparable part of people relationship. Legal system is the law base for those regulations, lawyers or attorneys are the carriers, they fulfill demand of law.

Actually any side of our life has its legislative base, starting with any of civil or common case ending with the criminal one. Most of our deeds are regulated by law system. The U.S. Attorney General is the head of the United States Department of Justice, in its turn the Department serves different cases concerning various fields of law. Therefore lawyers are the link between law and a man.

It should be mentioned that attorneys take a great responsibility and follow a strict code of ethics.

Attorneys are both advocates and advisors. That is they act as advocates representing some part of trial process, presenting evidence in order to defend interests of their clients. And advisor’s activity is fulfilled by consulting their clients about their legal rights and obligations. Nevertheless in any situation attorneys act from the point of law applying it to the specific circumstances concerning their clients.

So what is the attorney’s job in?

All the aspects of the attorney’s activity depend on his or her specialization.

For example, some lawyers more often represent party in court trials than others, because they specialize in trial work. They must perform quick and vivid thinking and be excellent speakers. But we must say that trial lawyers spend the majority of their time outside the courtroom, they have to conduct research, interview clients and witnesses, handle other details preparing for a trial.

Attorneys have specializations in a number of areas. This way there exist bankruptcy attorney, labor employment attorney, criminal attorney, tax attorney, personal injury attorney, real estate attorney and so on.  There are also attorneys representing different companies, interest groups in their affairs concerning the USA laws. These specialists deal with environmental law. There exist Environmental Protection Agency and Federal and State agencies. Such attorneys help their clients to prepare all the necessary documents for getting licenses and applications to be approved before starting some activities. Other lawyers protect customers in cases dealing with non-quality services or goods. Some lawyers guide insurance companies protecting them from unwarranted claims or reviewing the claims and representing the companies in court.

The majority of lawyers are in trial practice concerning criminal or civil law. In criminal cases attorneys defend their clients and if it is necessary argue their cases in courts of law. People that have to resolve some problem in civil law (wills, trusts, contracts, mortgages, leases) use services of attorneys working with civil law.

You may pay your attention to the fact that attorney representing the whole company is called a “house counsel”. This attorney guides the company in receiving patents, government regulations, property interests, contracts with other companies, or collective bargaining agreements with unions.