The U.S. Attorney General Advices about Filing Personal Injury Lawsuit. Part II

This article goes on the description of the main and the most important actions a person should do in the case of personal injury. In the first part we have mentioned about the importance of writing down the details of the case and protecting evidence of any damages. The next advices are following:

3. Try to think about people who may be responsible for your injury. Write notification letter.

You must know that while preparing to file a claim it is significant to notify possible defendant or defendants. It doesn’t mean you must be firmly established in mind as to a person to blame in your injury, you must simply think about who might have caused the injuries. At the beginning it is not obligatory to give agents of the insurance company any detailed information about the accident or your injuries. All you must do is to inform they about a certain time and place of an accident, because of which you were injured, and that you intend to file a claim.

Of course, you can’t be always sure of who is your offender, so notify everybody who might be responsible. This commonly depends on the type of accident that happened to you. For example, in a car collision you'll need to record the drivers of all vehicles involved, the owners of those vehicles, and the employers of the driver (if the automobile was a company property).

After you have decided of those who might be responsible for your injury, compose notifying letters informing each of them that the accident happened and that as a result you were injured.

Your letter should be simple and typed; it should give only main information and ask for a written response. You must not discuss fault or responsibility, or the degree of your injuries; you will consider these things later on when your personal injury attorney will assist you in determining of amount of compensation.

We also recommend you not to delay giving notice and starting filing your claim. It is not obligatory to make records about any specific number of days succeeding an accident (just if you haven’t got a claim against government establishments). And you will better start early, during the first few weeks following the accident.

Also pay your attention on the fact that filing a notice of your injury in the accident with people or agencies does not mean you must make a claim against them. But if later you will have a necessity to file a claim, they wouldn’t state that the matter is a real surprise for them.

So keep these useful advices and rely on a proficiency of a person defending your interests that is on the U.S. Attorney General.