General Cost of a Divorce Process Held by the U.S. Attorney General

 Types of a divorce and their main distinctions.

Divorce law stipulates the provision of two types of divorce. They are as follows: an absolute divorce and a limited one. An absolute divorce supplies judicial termination of a marriage based on connubial misconduct or any other legal cause arising after the marriage ceremony. The judicial termination "divorce a vinculo matrimonii" is also used to define an absolute divorce. Such type of a divorce gives both parties the single status.

Limited divorces are authorized by several jurisdictions statutes. The consequences of limited divorces may vary from state to state. The judicial termination of a limited divorce is the "divorce a mensa et thoro." As usual such type of a divorce is treated as a separation decree; the right to live together is terminated but the marriage is not dissolved and the status of the parties is not changed.

The ways to save on the cost of a divorce.

It goes without saying that the work of the U.S. Attorney General who will handle your case should be paid for. Commonly expenses on a divorce vary in range from $1500 for an uncontested divorce to over $15,000 for a contested one. Commonly people want to minimize their expenses on a divorce, but any way you will have to pay much enough to cover all the process costs. In our article we present some ways of avoiding extremely large expenses, moreover you can save on the cost of a divorce.

We must admit that preparations to the divorce are not less thorough than to a wedding you had. It is necessary to think over all the details not to failure. Further you can find information about possible ways to pay for an attorney and get some help in choosing an appropriate way.

 The first advice is quite clear: pay your attorney a flat fee for handling your divorce from the beginning to the end. This method would guarantee the amount you will pay your divorce attorney. So the other main point is to decide about the amount of the flat payment.

The next advice: try to fix a certain cost for every contested issue (division of property, and division of a retirement account, child custody, child support, and maintenance). The flat fee will be a $1000 for each issue. Thus, your costs will depend on the number of disagreed points. Well, if your case is not concerned with any of the above-mentioned issues, so you can pay $1000 or even less.

Apart from flat fee it is possible to pay your lawyer an hourly fee. It is more complicated because it is often not clear how much time it will take to conclude a divorce case. But don’t forget that you have a choice. Haggle; let the lawyer know that you might choose lower hourly rates. Negotiate a lower retainer. Examine each bill you receive thoroughly. Insist on making any major work only with your approval.

We believe these simple steps will be helpful in saving your money on procedure costs.