Counsel by the U.S. Attorney General on Problem of Licensing Your Business

Following material would be useful for those people who are going to start their own business. We offer some recommendations as to the main requirements on different levels of state power, which are obligatory to fulfill. To know them is to be ready for various unpredictable situations or complications on your way. When you have got enough of knowledge it is easier to find the solution on any problem in a short period of time; lack of information in its turn will threaten you with economic losses and law violation. If you need a qualified advice on any problem connected with your private commerce, so you may ask the U.S. Attorney General for a counsel or defense in court (if the suit is rather complicated).

Well, there are at least three main levels of regulation business activities: federal level, state level, and local one. Sometimes you ought to meet regional requirements. 

Federal level requirements are put in necessity to achieve a license for such business activities as counsel on investing practices; rendering transportation assistance; food production; producing medicines; producing tobacco goods, alcohol or weapon; owning a radio station or the TV one. To get the necessary license you must apply for a commission dealing with commercial affairs. If you are not aware of the organization which can help you in obtaining a permit, try to determine it with the help of special reference materials (for example, the Encyclopedia of Associations).

You must know that the only case when a person is not obliged to go through tax list is if the businessman has individual commerce with no co-workers or employees.

If you represent such professions as attorney, doctor, nurse, dentist, engineer, architect, and so on, you must apply for the state permit. Apart from necessity to have a license there is another state requirement: filing tax application if the certain state requires tax for income.

If you are engaged in selling products you will need to have special tax number, which is obtainable in state departments concerned of incomes or treasury offices. Being an employer you ought to get registration at the state labor department, which would control your compensation accounted to the case of loss of the job by any of your workers.

Depending on the state you may need a special license for running business connected with alcohol or food production, or own a filling station and some other activities. 

Local level requirements cover those activities which may threaten health of the community or the local nature. You may have to pay duty for property.

Certainly, this information is too brief, but it can be the basis for your future start-up. To get more information consult with business attorney in your neighborhood and have a good luck!