Defense of the Criminals as a Part of Work of the U.S. Attorney General

Among a great variety of the attorney services rather essential place is taken by the activity of the criminal attorney. And this sphere of advocacy work requires broad knowledge of laws, because in criminal procedures a man’s life is thrown into the scale. That’s why criminal attorney must be highly qualified and well-trained to be ready for defense of criminals. You may say that a person who has committed a crime is to be punished due to the law, but the attorney in charge of the case will struggle for defense of his client, and it doesn’t matter what he is accused of: robbery or murder. The reason is your attorney always believes you are innocent (according to the presumption of innocence) and he is always ready to protect your civil rights in court.

Especially responsible criminal cases are usually connected with crimes resulting from a self-defense or somebody’s life or property protection. The difficulty is in the necessity of proving that your client really acted to defend him- or herself against violence from somebody’s part. Self-defense is an acceptable reason, but it may be approved only if several positions are fulfilled. First of all, the conflict must not be provoked by you; secondly, actions of the offender must be indeed potentially dangerous for your health or life; for the third, the use of force must be inevitable in order to avoid serious harm; for the fourth, the force must be used to the reasonable extent. But even if you understand that your actions were not reasonable enough, it would be better for you to tell the truth to your attorney, because that can help him to decide of the way to defend your interests. The attorney should make efforts to prove that you were a victim of unlawful actions of another part of a conflict. The defender is to show the court undeniable evidence of the fact that you used force to prevent serious harm or even death of yourself or someone else.

To illustrate the specifics of appliance of the self-defense principle we may discuss the so-called “battered wife syndrome”. Such a defense is commonly used by wives who had been lastingly suffering mental abuse or physical violence caused by the husbands. These suits are usually disputable, because in most cases women really intended to commit a murder. So in this situation the task of a criminal attorney is to prove to judges that killing was the only way to avoid being killed.

So, you see that the duties of the criminal attorney are not so easy to be fulfilled. And if you somehow have avoided serious punishment for a crime, try to appreciate the work of you attorney, because that is him who decided your fate. The most complicated cases are held with participation of the U.S. Attorney General .