The U.S. Attorney General Gives Instructions for Finding an Attorney While Being Jailed

You must know that the U.S. judicial system provides for accused persons the possibility of being released on a bail or a parole, of course, if the character of an offence is not highly serious. But in other cases a person charged of a crime is not allowed to be released before court hearing or simply has no financial possibilities to pay set bail. In such situation an indicted man needs a personal criminal defense attorney. But you must understand that being jailed he or she would have too few possibilities to select among a variety of attorneys, it would be extremely difficult to investigate their reputations and backgrounds. That’s why the next expert recommendations of the U.S. Attorney General can be helpful for those people who have got into a jail and have need in a qualified criminal attorney.

First of all, you must realize that your future now depends mostly on the efficiency of your attorney, so try to be very attentive and exacting in your search. So, how to find a proper attorney being restricted in actions? 

1) If you have used the services of a civil or criminal attorney before, you can call him and ask for support in court. The civil attorney you know might be competent in your case, even if it is the criminal one, so he would be able to defend you during trial process. But if you are not lucky to face such a success, it is possible to ask your previous attorney for his references concerning some criminal attorneys. Then you can choose among them.

2) If being imprisoned you still have the right to contact personally or call your friends or relatives of yours, ask these people to propose you some referral or do some work and find a proficient criminal defense attorney for you. They surely have more opportunities (time, financial resources} to make research. Rather important aspect in this situation is the certainty about honesty, reasonableness and reliability of the people you are going to ask for help.

3) Even in case you are not able to pay bail for yourself, you can call a bail bondman and ask for a referral criminal defense attorney. According to the specifics of his work, bail bondman has contacts with many attorneys and can recommend you some of them.

4) This advice is to be used if you have no sensible alternative, so you can ask your inmate who has already hired an attorney to propose referral. But don’t be too sincere, you will have an opportunity to discuss all the details of your case with your attorney.