Recommendations for Filing a Lawsuit against Your Employer by the U.S. Attorney General

The U.S. Labor Legislation allows employers to hire people on at-will basis without signing any contracts. A lot of states adhere to this particular permit. Certainly, this fact saves time both for the employer and the worker. But it also often deprives the last of rights when being wrongfully terminated. In fact, an unofficial worker doesn’t have legal guarantees of work security. He or she can be dismissed when an employer wants and with any motivation (or even sometimes without a reason). Such a peculiarity of labor law usually makes it impossible to prove that you were terminated unfairly. The only chance is to give corroborated evidence of the fact that your manager really has violated law. Take into account the next recommendations of the U.S. Attorney General in case of necessity to file a lawsuit against your employer.

In such a situation remember that at-will worker possesses all constitutional rights like any employee in the USA. If you have no contractual rights, you will not be offered a representative from labor union or guaranteed compensation for job loss. But you can be sure to be defended against any retributions or any form of discrimination from the part of your employer. If you can prove of that the employer has violated law, you can sue him. Though in such state as Texas it would be not so easy to manage, for there employers have the authority to discharge workers without giving any reasons but just because they find that is necessary.

Of course, in any case try to find an experienced labor employment attorney as fast as you can manage. You can also take into consideration the next advices:

1. Prepare the file with your performance reviews.
These records will show to the judge that you were not dismissed for misconduct. Your attorney will use the file as physical evidence to defend you before court.

2. Find witnesses.
If you are going to sue for unfair dismissal, it would be helpful to have witnesses. They can prove before court that you did noting illegal or wrong to deserve a discharge. Anyway, you will feel more confident, if you can rely on somebody except yourself.

3. Catenate the links of the chain.
In other words try to find any pattern in actions of your chief. He could fire unofficial employees like you earlier, but for the same reason. Thus, you can distinguish the factor of discrimination or retribution. 

4. Require your employer for firm reasons to fire you. 
If he or she can’t give and prove them, you will inevitably win your lawsuit.