Instructions by the U.S. Attorney General on Choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney

You must know that the post of the U.S. Attorney General is the heading one for the U.S. Department of Justice, and he or she is an exact person to prosecute and conduct suits concerning federal law. But an ordinary citizen who has got a problem with a criminal law (has been accused of a crime) needs to be defended and this work is under local attorneys’ responsibilities. 

So, if you have got any problem with criminal law, you will need help of a highly qualified criminal attorney. Commonly the necessity in services of a criminal attorney arises unexpectedly. And that is the reason people can’t accumulate their brains and make a well-defined plan of actions. But you must understand that the verdict of court will much depend on your attorney’s proficiency, so try to master up your strength and do all you can to find a good criminal attorney. We offer you some recommendations on choosing a professional lawyer.

First of all, do not look for newspaper advertisements seeking for a qualified attorney. In fact, a good professional does not need any advertising. And the attorney offered by some newspaper announcements is not surely the most appropriate one. Referrals of your friends, public opinion, and prominence of reputation are what you really should consider. Investigate the name of an attorney before hiring him for a defense. It is not sensible to hire the first specialist you meet, because your future depends on his professional abilities.

Then you are not to take any costs for the attorney’s services. Don’t hesitate and haggle. The lawyer has to see that you have a choice and he is not the only professional in his area. You can meet several attorneys, both private and public and then make your conclusions in order to make a final and the best choice. 

Sometimes you can be asked rather high price for services. The price may be overstated, of course. But in some cases the work of an attorney can really cost you a big sum, for example, if you hire a highly qualified criminal defense attorney with a prominent name and your case is rather complicated. When you really pay big sums of money to your attorney, ask him for written reports and cheques for various expenses you have compensated. The work of attorney is not limited by prosecuting a criminal case in court but it also includes investigation of the case, gathering of evidences, meeting with witnesses. And, of course, you will compensate all that work.

And lastly, it seems more comfortable for you to agree a fixed rate of payment with your lawyer, this will make it possible to plan your expenditures and collect necessary sum.