A Piece of Advice by the U.S. Attorney General for Claimants of Small Lawsuits Courts

Following information will be handy for those people, who will need to file a lawsuit for the small lawsuits court. First of all, let’s see, why we call these courts small and when we attend them. The reason is that there you will be limited in amounts you can claim or be claimed for. These limits differ from state to state. For instance, it is $5,000 for Texas, it is $7,500 for Minnesota, and it is the lowest in Kentucky – only $1,500. However, the average amount is not over $7,000. Moreover, you will be able to reduce this amount if the judge finds it possible due to legal reasons. But if you will attempt to sue for exceeding sum of money, you will need to bring a lawsuit to the court of higher level. People commonly attend small lawsuits courts for various claims, usually intended on a certain compensation for losses or harm suffered.

The judges in small lawsuits courts are officially subjected to the U.S. Attorney General, some of his instructions are given further.

Before entering small lawsuits courts you must try to solve the problem in a peaceful way. First of all, send the letter of request to the individual you find to be the defendant. The letter should contain the certain amount you are going to demand, you must also show the reasons for the demands. You must stipulate all the figures by adding clear and legible estimations or accounts. Send the copies of bills or other supplying documents to show the grounds for the amount demanded. But never send the original documents. By sending official letter of request you will protect yourself from the negligence of the offender. The thing is that he or she will not be able to tell they hadn’t got your letter, because you had sent it officially by mail.

 If the person you have addressed to is not going to take your claims into consideration, you will need to attend the small lawsuits court. But you will have to be thoroughly prepared for litigation. If you have no corroborated evidence, you will loss the lawsuit. It would be necessary to describe the matter in detail, to depict all the particulars to make your claim clear for the judge. An important question to be answered is whether the person you are going to sue really has enough of money to pay you compensation or he or she will be declared bankrupt and thus will avoid payment. Also try to determine the costs on litigation and then decide if the matter is really worth to be brought to court. 

When you have made a decision, you would need to attend the court office and file a claim there. You will need to pay for filing a lawsuit and for a good attorney to secure your rights in court. To win a lawsuit is rather difficult, but possible if being prepared for all the particulars of litigation.