The U.S. Attorney General and Tax Liabilities of the Unemployed

Anyone can be potentially considered as the unemployed. And you may ask a question: Is a person being unemployed liable to taxes? The answer is given beneath and it is based on the concepts of Income Tax Law supported by the U.S. Attorney General.

Well, if you have lost your work and now are unemployed, so, you hardly want to think over the problem of income tax and so on. But in this difficult situation you should have enough of information about various tax system aspects and potential benefits obtainable for you.
Income tax on severance, vacation and sick leave pay.
Severance, vacation and sick leave pay are ordered to be taxable. You must pay income tax as when you were employed and paid tax on your income (wages or salary). To do that you ought to fill in the form (Form W-2). Your severance, vacation and sick leave pay are to be included into your annual tax declaration. If you have lost your work due to your chief’s default you still have to get the form from your former manager or any representative of him. If you have some difficulties with that procedure you can get a consultation of a professional tax attorney, who will explain you all the details and give a helping hand in your trouble.
Compensation for being unemployed.
You should know that your unemployment compensation is also taxable. You may be paid compensation for different periods (26 weeks or additional 13 weeks period), all this issues are taxable. You may be offered to choose the form according to which you will pay your income tax (the percentage may differ). Compensation for being unemployed will be fixed in your tax declaration. When filing a tax declaration you may find out that your income for the last year was lower than it is stipulated by the limit under which it is necessary to file a tax declaration. In this situation you may get an advantage from this. The thing is that it is possible to get a reimbursement for the excessive tax level.
You may also take into account some positions which are not taxable.
Usually benefits from various payments of social assistance are not taxable. If you have got some sponsorship money for any research program, you are not obliged to include them as an income to your tax declaration. Disabled people are also not liable to income tax for getting some goods, cash or services. 
Payments on mortgage assistance due to the Federal Income Tax Law are also not to be included to the tax declaration.
If you get grants (post-disaster ones) which are intended to help you in compensating some medical services or transportation, you haven’t to pay tax for them. But your unemployment compensation due to the disaster is taxable. Compensations for repairing, rehabilitating your house or removing something in order to relief your disaster are not taxable.