The U.S. Attorney General about Appealing Procedure on Small Lawsuits Court Verdict

To be objective, we must recognize that the small lawsuits court decisions are rarely appealed. Usually only the defendant is allowed to make appeal, but if the claimant has such a desire for the reason of losing her or his case, he or she is commonly refused to appeal. According to the existing statute the appeal procedure in a small lawsuits court usually is held in twenty days. But it can be conducted only if the wrongful decision is verified and the judge’s mistake is proved.

Before appealing a decision of a small lawsuits court the U. S. Attorney General would recommend to think whether your future actions are reasonable. The thing is that the appealing procedure will take your time and money. So, first of all, you have to decide if the appeal is really worth to be managed or that will be only a waste of time. We can also admit that typically such cases are brought to court only because of somebody’s personal principles and not with an intention to earn some money. Admit also that some appeals for small lawsuits courts verdicts will cost you a lot in case of prevailing (you will have to pay attorney’s fees and other costs on the court process).

But if you have decided to appeal your small lawsuits court decision, be ready for the serious process which will be similar to the previous one. Both parties will be required to show evidence and present their positions concerning the argument. The judge at the appeal process is of the higher level court, but the atmosphere during the process will hardly be something new for both parties.

You must also know that both defendant and claimant are allowed to use the support of an attorney at hearing. At the same time the attorney’s presence is not obligatory condition, so you have a choice. Surely, you must use all the possibilities to win your appeal case. So, hiring an attorney is rather advisable.

But if you are firm in your decision to appeal without the attorney’s support, try to attend several hearings at the nearest court of appeal. That will help you to be aware of the specifics of the procedures you are about to go through, you will have a valuable experience. And be sure that experience will be helpful at hearing of your personal case of appeal.

It goes without saying that it is necessary to present corroborated evidence of the fact that the small lawsuits court decision was wrong. Be confident and speak right to the point to show the judge that you have seriously prepared to hearing. Find more witnesses for your case to provide more chances to win the lawsuit.

So, as we have told, usually only the defendant is permitted to appeal. But some states’ laws allow both parties to appeal the decision of a small lawsuits court.