The U. S. Attorney General and Laws Regulating Teens’ Alcohol Abuse

From the one hand, we should admit that the U.S. Constitution supplies equal rights for all the citizens. But at the same time we understand that people must not only be granted with civil rights but have to be restricted (in a way) from doing wrong, unlawful things. How to decide, what is allowed and what is illegal to do? The answer is to study the United States Code (U.S.C.), a document where all the laws applied to the American people are written. You must agree that complete permissibility can lead to a chaos. In our article we are going to discuss one of the restricting laws – law for underage drinking. You are to decide personally, if it is necessary to exist in our society. But at the same time we must mention that it has been already adopted in thirty-two states and the rest are elaborating their own acts.

Evidently, the U.S. policy concerning the youth is based on the goal to bring-up healthy (both physically and morally) generation. The underage drinking law is the key, an inseparable instrument for attaining the government’s end. The U.S. Attorney General, being the head of the United States Department of Justice surely can’t stay apart. He also supports the above mentioned laws; however, the particular choice is still left with the states.

The purpose of the social drinking law is to stop the growing amount of the young people with alcohol abuse and to lessen the number of drunk drivers on the roads. The health of the nation is in danger. But, for a wonder, parents became the first opponents of the law. They tell that their reasons for such a confrontation are that their children still try to find the way for drinking. Therefore they gather somewhere and the parents can’t keep an eye on them. They also utter that if parents could take their children home from alcohol parties that would solve the problem of drunk drivers. But in reality it is not right. Observes warn about various dramatic events during all the parties supervised by the parents (violence, sexual assault, alcohol poisoning, rape), all of them bring some work for an attorney and that’s all. This way parents permit the kids to worsen their health and come nearer to criminal actions. So, severe measures are to be assumed.

This way, the underage drinking law stipulates the penalty for those adults who permitted gathering of the youth drinking alcohol, where any offence was committed. In some states, however, an adult is to be penalized despite the fact was there any crime or not. And the adult does not have to be personally present. Some laws predestine paying a fine or detaining parents permitting drinking of the underage.

The opponents say that nevertheless the children will find the ways to drink. May be they are right, but we can’t officially allow that and merely wait for the terrible consequences.