Is the reason of increasing number of divorces in relaxed divorce laws

altThe conviction of divorce has always existed in any democratic society. If two persons can not understand each other any more, if they have no common interests and spend most of their time quarrelling, then there is no other way out as to get divorced. And this chance must exist. But in early societies there were no attorneys and divorce did not exist. Nevertheless marriages as we understand them now prevailed. Such marriages need only acceptance of adults and of the whole society.

That is why to get divorced meant to be disapproved and ill-behaved. Married people did all their best to save their marriage. Besides young married people were frightened of the opinion of their friends and relatives. And such punishment even existed as to be banished from the country because of divorce. So, the society supported marriages and condemned divorces. And in case the married people found no love and affection after some years of their family life, nevertheless they preferred not to get divorced and continued to live together. They believed it was much better than to be disapproved by the society. And all this means that the divorce was not known and happened very seldom.

But our community was gradually developing, and the laws did not remain the same. The role of women in society grew and so did the work pressure. In a while women started the struggle for their rights and equality. They fought for more liberty and favor of laws. And of course all this influenced on the community of that epoch. And it means it had an affect on the divorce laws. The last were very flexible as the relations between the state and community became more permissive. So, the attitude to the divorce has also changed. It has no shade of shame or dishonor any more. The years passed and the divorce laws became more permissive. It was considered to be a natural resolving of a problem in case the married people could not lead their normal family life any more. We should not also forget about anguish and all the complications connected with the divorce.

This was one more reason for making the process of divorce easier and quicker. It means that provided the married people desired to divorce there was no obstacle before them and they could do it without any problems. The times when to divorce denoted to be ashamed, disgraced and ill-behaved have gone. The new epoch has come. The epoch of millions of divorces came into force. The epoch when to divorce is natural and it does not contradict the views of the society. As you have perhaps already guessed, we still live in this epoch.

Nowadays the U.S.attorneys state that there are a lot of families consisting of only one parent became a common case. And it is no wonder as to divorce became so easy. But in fact everything became much more complicated. As a matter of fact permissive laws dealing with divorce has created another problem. The whole institution of marriage is now in danger. The quantity of divorces raises from day to day. It is not easy living together, especially during the first two years after getting married. That is why married people give up and find no other way out as to divorce and the permissive divorce laws assist them. But when these laws were decided to be made more relaxed, they had another aim. The laws were meant to help people and not to destroy the marriage. The conclusion may be made from everything mentioned above, that perhaps divorce laws should be changed and made stricter and more severe. Of course the opportunity of divorce must exist, but only as an exception from the rule.