Will marijuana at last be used in medicine?

The conference about Drug Enforcement took place as the number of raids in California has significantly increased and all this happened after Obama was elected the president. So, Eric Holder said that the authorities had no other choice as to alter their main principles. He also added that the president was quite right in his words pronounced in the election campaign. U.S. Attorney General stated that Obama’s views correspond to that what they were going to do in law compulsion. Moreover Eric Holder reported that the words of the president were true and they are the main components of the policy of USA nowadays.

The national manager of the Drug Policy Alliance, Mr. Piper found the words of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder very inspiring. He also added that these facts gave the evidence of Obama entering the new stage. Piper made the conclusion that according to the words of the president pronounced during his election campaign marijuana ought to be approached as a means of treatment of illnesses and not from the criminal point of view.

The national manager of the Drug Policy Alliance has also stated that the president would drop the opposition of the government as for programs dealing with exchange of prickles for drug-addicted. Obama also confessed on his election campaign that his mother had a cancer and even died because of it. The doctors wrote out morphine and marijuana for reducing the pain, but Obama understood no inequality between these two medicines. And then he said in an interview that it would be reasonable for the country to legalize the usage of marijuana. He also added that it should be done by means of the same measures of check out as any other drugs that doctors prescribe.

The state medicinal pot laws were introduced in 1996 since the referendum in California was held to cancel punishments for the usage of marijuana in medical purposes. There was even the Supreme Court case which Bill Clinton’s authorities had won. In such a way all not specialized establishments giving medical marijuana to their members were closed. The case took place in Oakland. And there was even a try to penalize the doctors of California as they advised to use marijuana to their patients.

The same was the case with George W. Bush's attorney. But they even exceeded the measures of the previous president. Bush won another case after which medical clinics dealing with marijuana were closed and delivers of marijuana were blamed and punished.

All marijuana dispensaries were shut down by menacing legal operations. The Bush authorities also stopped all the researches concerning medical use of marijuana. That is why the national manager of the Drug Policy Alliance, Mr. Piper, stated that expects that Obama will change the direction of the policy concerning marijuana. He also added that if the study of marijuana in medical purposes continues, then in 10-15 years marijuana will be able to be bought in drugstores.