Do marriages of same-sex couples have equal rights with others?

Massachusetts State was number one to make the spousal of lesbian and gay people legal. Since then 16,000 such matrimonies have taken place and legal proceedings have been initiated by the authorities of the United States in Massachusetts to look for spousal profits. Objections are taken calling to witness the Defense of Marriage act of 1996. They say it disclaims the main guarantees to espoused gay people. The authorities of the country as, for example, Jacksonville State Attorney are interposing with the independent right of the state to identify and control matrimony, claimed the legal case of the federal trial in Boston. The act is named to be superior and selective. There were several states more which affronted the legislation at one time nevertheless Massachusetts is number one to act in such a way. Martha Coakley, Massachusetts Attorney General, said that they considered all espoused people head to head and evenly. The legal case is the last scramble of gay matrimony in the American trial regularity. Before this some directors headed by democrats demanded freedom for gay people to marry in May. They believe that everything happened would boom to the Supreme Court very soon. There is also another legal case of representation of espoused gay people of Massachusetts. It occurred in March and called to witness the Defense of Marriage Act. This Act designates matrimony as a legitimate alliance of a male and a female. It should be also noted that an unexpected extension of legislations making gay espousals legal can be observed recently. Such states as Iowa and Vermont affiliated Massachusetts and Connecticut. It means that it is now permitted there to conclude gay marriages on the legal level. The state Maine joined in May. Such state as New Hampshire affiliated in 30 days later. New York Attorney is studying the same legislation. Nevertheless the problem is that gay and lesbian espousals in the above mentioned states are not able to get benefit of the federal projects which a marriage between a man and a woman may use. Gary Buseck, legal director of Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, stated that it was just a thing of justice and parity. He also added that there had been no unequal matrimonies in the United States before. That is why it is just impossible to begin at present. The lawyers report that the Defense of Marriage Act disclaims the admission of espoused gay or lesbian people to about 1,000 family projects and other federal applications. Coakley alleged some points disclaimed, among them well-being belay ensuring as Jacksonville Insurance Attorney can notice, work and pension profits, federal income tax. The head of the conservative Family Research Council, Tony Perkins, discharged the legal case as hollow and invoked federal trials to discharge it to "preserve the right of the people to decide such important public policy decisions." According to the legal case, earlier, previous to 1996 the states were able to assign marriage based on state laws. Massachusetts desires the power to "define marriage within its own boundaries," it supplemented, paying attention to the fact that it would not influence the rest of the states.

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