Criminal cases. What are they and how to save yourself in such a case?

What terrible news when you get to know that you are accused in criminal case. Of course you don’t want to become stamped as criminal. One such case can turn up your whole life. You can be redundant from your working place, sometimes criminals lose their families. The society will accept you as social outcast.  Besides law treats an accused in a very strict way. No one will be able to avoid punishment. The financial penalty is obligatory in such a case and isn’t affordable for everyone.

But there are people who decided to go against law statements having desperate situation in one case. In other case they perform criminal actions just intentionally or even mistakenly. For example such occasion – one person kills the other one being irritated or just angry. Or may be it happened during dispute when one person wasn’t satisfied by the point of view or decision of the other one. The punishment will be identical in all these cases – imprisonment or even death penalty in the especially grave cases.

Let’s now try to understand and categorize all possible criminal cases in the USA. Offences can be fallen into two categories:  

1.      Federal felonies

2.      State offences

And now let’s regard more precisely what deeds belong to the first and to the second category. So to the federal crimes belong:

- The affairs with drugs as marijuana and other similar to it drugs growing and sale
- Medical deliberate felony
- Tricks with credit cards and bills, insurance, bankruptcy and everything connected with money affairs
- Immigration
- Contraband or smuggling.

State offences include:

- Drug affairs – selling, keeping and taking
- Theft, larceny, breaking
- Driving or boating under the impact of alcohol or without documents and drive license
- Sex crimes – here belong prostitution, child abuse
- Violence – kidnapping, robbery, assault, bribery, and corruption.

As a rule crimes are performed by people who are in urgent need, with some mental illnesses or are under tension.

In a case you are already arrested and suspected in crime actions your first immediate act is to find a good skillful criminal attorney who will try to defend you from the possible imprisonment or at least reduce accusation against you. Only from the attorney selection it depends the success of your case hearing. Attorney Criminala> must be a person who will show a real interest to your case and study it thoroughly for defense strategy development. You should close work with your attorney and trust him everything. At the same time attorney must inform you in all actions in respect of your case. Your case may be regarded in both state and federal courts. 

When searching for an attorney the following points must be taken into consideration:

1. Attorney Qualification in law sphere. 
2. His confidence while defending you in a court.  
3. His manner to convince and Attorney Performance before the jury proving client’s innocence. 
4. Has already experience in dealing such cases.
5. Can find and prove facts or details.
6. His honesty with an accused.
7. Friendly attitude to jury, police and prosecutors.
8. Must be ready to face difficulties and even threats.

Choose the right attorney for your defense and the victory on hearings