How to behave in the situation of an arrest?

To be arrested is a really awful thing for everybody because we lose the most precious in our life that is freedom. Mostly because freedom is our independence in everything: in actions, thoughts, it’s the right to choose what to do, how to live and so on. But if it turned out so that you were arrested it will be useful for you to know the procedure of an arrest. Policemen take you away to their station and there they inform you about the reason of your arrest. When the charges were brought against you get a chance to answer the police officers’ questions to tell your version of existing situation. It is significant to take a notice of your right to read Miranda Rights before speaking with the police. Other good news is that you can hold any conversation with police, but only in lawyer’s presence.

During this time you must be ready to be taking into custody that provides photographing you, being fingerprinted and identifying your name, surname and address. As usual this operation takes a place long before you have an occasion to phone your relatives, friends, parents or a lawyer. So after you have been registered you have an indisputable right to connect with anybody you wish, informing about your arrest and also to talk with your defense attorney.

Then your jewelry, money, clothing and all other things you have will be taken by the police department for safe custody during the period of your holding in a prison. Since your things have been listed you should get a reproduction of the inventory in a police station, so be more attentive, reading the inventory before you sign it. After your exoneration you’ll get back all your private things if they are legal.

You will be bound in the prison till the day of trial or till you can be set free on a bail. Bail is a certain amount of money you should pay to be free till the trial’s day.

If you are released on bail you must work out an agreement to save your bail. Your default of appearance at the appointed trial day will threaten you with confiscation of your bail.

Arraignment is a court sitting where the certain case of the crime is examined, pressing charges against you. In turn you can admit fault or not or just don’t enter a contest on charges of yours. Repudiation of the charges will lead you in a trial where you can oppose and question your accusations, as a result a jury will be able to hear in banc. To admit fault will lead to the fact you’re guilty, thus you take the blame upon yourself and get no any right to have trial on your case.

It is very important to discuss all these items with your criminal defense attorney to make the right decision and to find out all results you can wait after your actions. The amount of your bail depends on the gravity of the crime, dark past criminal actions if they take place to be and, of course, on your community activity and connections.

During your expectation for a trial and arraignment you have an opportunity to do everything possible to remain above suspicion. For this you can demonstrate your handwriting, samples of your blood, hair and a lot of other things, which can be material evidence in your favor to prove your innocence in this case. Remember that a good skillful criminal defense attorney should consult you in all points of the case due to which you were interested in, he should tell about all your rights and take care of your defense, following the rights of an arrested people and criminal investigation.

Life is so unpredictable and you can never know what will happen with your tomorrow, that’s why it is very important to be well informed about our duties and rights.