Had drunk too much? Know the consequences

As a rule, criminal defense attorneys protect the rights of clients who are accused in criminal acts by mistake. But it is not allowed to consider every action as a criminal activity. According to the law the criminal activity includes 3 characteristic features: 
- an action;
- mental state and intends of accused;
- the harm for an environment.

It is necessary to know that larceny, drunk driving and traffic violations, possession of drugs or illegal documents, mugging and other acts are considered as the earnest criminal offences and require a serious punishment.

You can be arrested for any of these acts and put on trial. You will be in need of protecting your rights and reputation during the court session. This is the case for criminal defense attorney search. An experienced, skilled attorney will prove your innocence in the court, if it really is. So take into consideration the question of attorney search very seriously, paying your attention to the reputation and practice of defense attorney. It also will be important to know about his previous court cases, the quantity of which he won and etc. That’s why you must be interested only in a talented attorney, who can take upon himself the responsibility for your freedom in the future. He must know all your legal options and present your rights in the court, making all possible to convince jury and judge to bring a verdict to you of being not guilty.

The very frequent offense today is drunk driving, because almost everyone has a car. So if you like to relax with the help of alcohol drinks you should read this information. The first thing you must clearly recognize that your drunk condition is a great danger not only for you, but also for other people’s lives. However, if even this doesn’t stop you, be ready to have huge problems with the legislative system.

Driving can involve 3 traffic violations, which can be charged to you:
1) driving under the influence;
2) driving while impaired;
3) driving vehicle under the influence of intoxication by alcohol drinks.

If you were caught by a policeman, then get ready for getting a summons, where you will have an opportunity to insist that you were absolutely sober.

Of course, the best decision will be to hire a criminal defense attorney, who takes care to adduce evidence like tape of video cameras records of the road situation or a special health certificate of alcohol content in your blood at that moment. The level of maximum blood alcohol content is varied in different countries and even states, but the most accepted standard is 0.08 %. If the level is higher you can be charged as a legally drunk person. 

As for the punishment of an above mentioned case, it can be different according to a certain situation, but in general such offence will threaten you with the confiscation of driver’s license for a long period or with the pay of large fines and the most terrible is that it is quite possible you can be sentenced to a prison. A great quantity of drunk driving cases can lead even that the court system will interlock your vehicle’s ignition, in other words you and your car will be under limits all the time. So, if it happened so you have been driving under influence, don’t save your money to consult with defense attorney and allow him to present you in a court. 

But remember, a drunk man is inadequate man. Frequently people are crashed and died exactly due to this reason, so prevent the alcohol destroying your life! Keep in mind - the criminal records will leave its negative mark on all your future life!