An attorney breaks your rights. What should you do?

 Sometimes it happens that you have been looking for a good attorney during a long period of time and after thorough selection you understand that your opinion and of a hired attorney are different. It is not quite reasonable to continue your co-operation, because hardly your case will conclude successfully. You should summon up your courage and to fire this attorney to eliminate your financial waste in the future.

Before hiring attorney, who will defense your legal rights, pay an attention to the fact the professionalism and commitment towards you have to be as an obligatory element of your work together. To say the truth it is your incontestable right. In every state the consumer’s rights are varied, that’s why it will be better for you to find out about them in the Bar Association or World Wide Web and to check what an attorney should do and what rights you have.

Be sure you have a right to get all documents’ copies and samples, to set deadlines, to ask attorney to show you all your bills. Keep in mind you have also a right to have your second point of view. Fear of saying the truth must disappear, because an attorney is not a telepathist to read your thoughts. So don’t speak behind attorney’s back, but try to tell all your claims and discontents to attorney’s face. In the best case you will resolve a dispute; in opposite you should to fire your attorney.

For these aim there’s a definite order of the following acts:

1 In an agreement between you and your attorney should be included a point of disagreement, which specifies the financial responsibility.

2 All documents belonging to this case you should have in sight. Make some notes there of what, in your opinion, an attorney did in wrong way.

3 Write a weighty argument causing your desire to fire an attorney. Ask him to return your file and a detailed bill, where all your expenses are included.

4 You should find another attorney for a replacement before the process of firing the first one to prevent the delay of your case process in the court sessions.

5 It is best of all to fire an attorney in writing form with clearly statements why you don’t want to continue your co-operation. State all payments you’ve made. An attorney should get this letter without fail, so control this process.

6 If difficulties do not disappear you can ask another attorney to inform him sending a legal notice or go to the court. Also you have a right to submit to superior force a plaint about attorneys, because according to the law attorneys should follow the conduct’s code, in other words should be professional in all moment of deal.

7 Remember you have the same right to fire your attorney as well as to hire him. It’s only your choice and your desire.

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