A famous expert defense attorney New Orleans

In case, you are accused with serious crime, it is very important to find a good criminal defense attorney. A good criminal defense attorney is a really your chance to prove your innocence on trial. It is advisable to remember that experiments with choosing an attorney are not appropriated here. Because good criminal defense attorney is a man who is able to save your freedom and it may be even your life in some difficult cases, so before hiring an attorney think seriously about all aspects you should know about him. Pay your attention to his experience and reputation first of all. If you see that this person is an experienced and skillful attorney who takes care about his or her clients and is ready to defend your rights in court, it will be perfect candidature of being your defense attorney during hearing of a case.
As for public attorneys you should know that sometimes it happens the public attorneys receive a negative reputation, but they are enough skillful criminal defense attorneys, who can handle any criminal affairs easily. In spite of general opinion, public attorneys are absolutely skilled and know how to defend his client in any negative situation. Mostly public attorneys are for people having no opportunity to hire the private criminal defense attorney whose services will cost you a lot.
People, who are charged with the state crimes or the federal ones, are called offenders. The federal crimes are considered as those ones which are passed by a general law of Congress according to the whole country. Federal crime is also a crime that occurred on property belonged to the United States government. There are federal crimes such as White Collar Offenses Criminal Appeals, Drug Cases, Aggravated Assault, Sexual Assault, Murder, Driving While Intoxicated, Negligent Homicide, Grand Jury, Investigations, Habeas Corpus.

So you should pay your attention to an aggressive and creative criminal defense attorney, who is full of strength and is able to work 24 hours a day during all the time. Only that man of decision can absolutely be deserved to represent your rights on trials.  

A good example here is criminal defense attorney Julie C. Tizzard. Julie C. Tizzard finished Loyola University School of Law New Orleans in 1998 and got the Juries Doctorate. After graduation she decided to continue her education and to become a prosecutor in the New Orleans District Attorney's Office. She had deals with terrible violations and murders. The most prominent 2 cases were State v. Antoinette Frank (high level capital case) and State v. Quatrevingt (the initial DNA case in Louisiana). However Ms. Tizzard was responsible also for both federal and state appeals. After her sudden departure from New Orleans District Attorney's Office, Julie C. Tizzard was in great demand as an expert and skilled defense attorney. Louisiana attorneys look for her to consult and expertise with questions which are connected with criminal sphere and appellate matters.  

Keep in mind that the Julie C. Tizzard’s Law Offices deals not only with criminal defense cases, but also with the personal injury ones. She is considered as a criminal and personal injury attorney and works mostly in New Orleans. Her second office is situated in downtown Covington, Louisiana.