Have You Any Problems In Family? The Family Law Attorney Can Help You

Some parents require often the service of the family law attorney according to some reasons: divorce, separation, parents’ death, changing visitation agreement or sum of alimony. In all these cases you will surely need a help of an experienced and qualified attorney who is well informed in all questions concerning family law. But a lot of us haven’t enough experience with attorneys. For this reason we want to give you some tips which you should take into consideration while searching for the family law attorney.

So you can find an attorney with the help of:

- State or Local Bar Association

- Phone book

- Legal Aid Offices

- Library

- Internet.

Remember that you should feel yourself comfortable while working with your attorney, that’s why you also must know more information about him. Besides attorney experience in family law you should also get to know some other information like this.

- Do attorneys have evening appointments, days off or weekends? It will be important in the case you have full-time working day.

- Are their offices far from your place of residence? It will be better to find an attorney at short distance that allows you to save your time when you will get to his office. 
Bear in mind that a lot of attorneys propose an initial consultation absolutely free of charge. As a rule, it is half-hour to listen to the main points of your own situation and give you some hints how to deal with your case.

During consultation you are able to take some notes of the main facts according to your case and write down them in chronological order. Beginning with the initial consultation you can put different questions according to all points of your case you’re interested in.

In the case you decide to hire a family law attorney you will sign up the retainer agreement. This document includes the services which attorney will do and the sum of fee.

If you agree with the fee and all the other conditions of retainer, you will sign it up. But before signing ask your attorney if the quoted fee contains copying costs, court costs and filing fees or you will need to pay the extra charges for other services.

You must not sign the retainer if you don’t understand all points of the agreement or don’t agree with the fee!

After you have signed the retainer agreement and hired the family law attorney you should:

1 Be always ready and visit all your appointments;

2 Prepare all documents the attorney asks for;

3 Enumerate in writing form everything you wish concerning your case, for example, property or sum of child support etc. Give this list to your attorney and ask him about all difficulties and problems you will face in solving your case;

4 Create your special folder, where you can keep all documents and correspondence concerning your case in the file which will be always accessible for you;

5 Before you call prepare all questions you wish to ask your attorney. Don’t forget about important points;

6 Be attentive and listen to what your attorney tells and write down if it is necessary for you to observe later.

Don’t forget your attorney works for you, so if you don’t like he performs his duties you can easily reject his service and find the new one!