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The U.S. Attorney General and Procedure of Application of a Criminal Law

The term “criminal law” compared to the term “civil law”.

Criminal law deals with a crime that is with act or omission of an act violating a public law by forbidding or controlling it. You must know that criminal laws vary essentially from state to state. However, there is a Model Penal Code, which stands for the basis of the United States criminal law structure.

According to the criminal law a person is to be prosecuted by the government for an act that has been classified as a crime. As for the civil law, it mainly deals with individuals and organizations seeking resolution of some legal disputes. In a criminal case the suit is initiated by state, through a prosecutor, while in a civil case the plaintiff brings the suit to court. There is a serious difference between penalties for criminal and civil crimes: persons indicted of a crime may be imprisoned, fined, or both; when civil liability presumes giving up property or paying money, but not being incarcerated. 

General features of criminal procedure.

The fixed methods and practices for resolving criminal cases are put in a set of rules known as "criminal procedure." The rules of criminal procedure are designed to guarantee that an accused person is given due trial process. The rules of criminal procedure should be strictly adhered to.
Today’s criminal policy tends to keep fair balance between the state and victims.

We also find it useful to know the conditions and motives for detention or arrest of a person by law enforcement officers. Law enforcement officers are authorized the right to investigate circumstances of a case, study important facts, make further investigation. This way they can temporarily stop a person without transporting him or her to another place for the purpose of justifying his or her presence and activity in the studied case and to identify him/herself. Officers may search for weapons by patting down, this helps to decide whether a person may be suspected or may be the suspicion proved groundless.

If the officers decide that person is to be arrested, they must provide an indicted person Miranda warnings (the right to be silent, the right to call an attorney, etc.). You must also understand that if you are suspected in being committed a crime, a police officer has the right to arrest you without a warrant. But sometimes arrests turn to be false. It means the restraint of a person’s liberty without proper legal power. Such cases happen but this can be difficult to prove, the claims also make criminal cases longer to resolve.

But nevertheless, you must always demand your right to have an attorney, to be precise – criminal attorney. The U.S. Attorney General is a reliable provider of your civil rights.

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