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American Immigration Law and the assistance of the U.S. Attorney General

American Immigration Law has its legislative base consisting of several acts passed in order to regulate immigration processes. In 1924 the United States Immigration Act also known as the National Origins Act or the Johnson-Reed Act put limits as for the number of immigrants who could be admitted from any other country. That was a quota of 2% of the number of representatives of that country living in the USA since 1890. The law was aimed at controlling the number of immigrants from the Southern and Eastern Europe, because they began to enter the country in very large numbers. At the same time it set no restrictions to immigration from Latin America.

Nowadays immigration policy has advanced, the process of entering the country has become clearer but it still has its particular peculiarities. So, we believe the next information would help you to save your time and maybe your money too.

Well, the first necessary thing you must do is to learn the types of visas and decide which one suits you and corresponds the purpose of your visit to the country. According to the motives of your visit to the country (you may apply to come temporary or permanently, or you may also intend to possess citizenship) you might apply for a temporary visa, a green card or any other. But what exactly is not approved (by the country in general and by the U.S. Attorney General in particular) so that is illegal immigration. Immigration attorney states it is a poor choice, for it will cause a lot of problems with law, so that you hardly ever would enter the country one more time.

So, you should also formulate accurately the purpose of your move to the country. You can’t enter another state only because you want to. You have to be coming with intentions to join your relatives (parents, children, spouses or siblings), to be a student, to implement some activities, to start your business, to invest money, etc., but not because of a simple desire. 

After you have decided of your basis for immigration, you would need to find out whether your reason, or basis, qualifies or is it generally approved by the U.S. Government. Then if you meet the criteria (rules) for applying, you will be able to apply, and to show that you really qualify and that you can keep to the rules. You will have to follow-through with your intentions, because some measures will be undertaken in order to check up your activities in the country. The representatives of the Department of Homeland Security provide tracking and security when it comes to foreign immigrants in the United States.

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