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The U.S. Attorney General and Immigration Law. Applying for a Visa. Part I

Among a great variety of activity lines of the U.S. Attorney General we may find such a specification as immigration attorney. Due to the development of international relations nowadays the services of immigration attorney are rather called-for. This specialist would help you in preparing an application, choosing the type of visa; he would inform you about rules of behaviour while getting through the customs and what not.

Now let’s study existing types of visas and demands for getting them.

Well, to enter the United States you have to get either a temporary or immigrant visa. You can apply for visa you need at an American embassy outside the United States. The temporary visa allows it’s holder to visit the United States for a restricted period of time, while the immigrant visa permits you to live in the country permanently. Owners of temporary visas have right to apply for an adjustment of status when they live in the United States to change their status into immigrant’s one, but we must admit that the process is rather complicated.

There are different reasons for giving temporary visas, most commonly tourists, students, businessmen or people seeking medical care in the United States are allowed to enter the country. As usual these visas are valid for a period of six months. There are no limitations to the number of issues of temporary visas. Before the visa will be granted a person applying for it may often have to prove that he or she intends to return to the native country. Sometimes a person with a temporary visa may also be denied entry into the USA if the Department of INS believes the person is politically rebellious, a bad disease carrier, or is likely to make attempt to stay in the country enduringly.

Immigrant visas or permanent residence visas are limited according to a certain quota number per year and per country and allowed usually for most preference categories of people. Several laws were passed to regulate immigration processes. For example, in 1924 the United States Immigration Act also known as the National Origins Act or the Johnson-Reed Act put limits as for the number of immigrants who could be admitted from any other country. That was a quota of 2% of the number of representatives of that country living in the USA since 1890. The law was aimed at controlling the number of immigrants from the Southern and Eastern Europe, because they began to enter the country in very large numbers. At the same time it set no restrictions to immigration from Latin America.

But refugees and the closest relatives of the U.S. citizens are not subject to any limitation in number. The reason is that the policy of the country tends to keeping families together.

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