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The U.S. Policy Concerning Death Penalty and the U.S. Attorney General. Part I

The USA is one of the countries where the death penalty is used as the method of punishment for serious crimes (usually – murders). You must know that each state has its right to set its own laws, so this principle is used in criminal law too. We know that the U.S. Attorney General is the head of the U.S. Department of Justice but he or she influences only nation-wide law legislation and laws fulfillment. The states have the authority to regulate their criminal code; regional cases are conducted by district criminal attorneys and heard by district courts. Though such serious trials as those concerning the death penalty are run only on approval of the government. So, the U.S. Attorney General is the person who studies all the death penalty cases personally.

Statistics shows that over 70% of Americans believe that the death penalty is a just punishment for hard crimes. So, let’s see the reasons for this tendency and study opinions of the opponents.

In the last 20 years in the USA about 400 people have been put to death by the government. Today still thousands of inmates sit on death row awaiting similar fate. Many of those convicted are responsible for murders and rapes, and have shown no remorse for the crimes they committed.

No one disagrees that these men deserve to be punished. But should they really be punished by being put to death? 

People who support the death penalty give the following reasons for their position:

1) Death is the only punishment that fits the crime (if you kill someone, so you should be killed). They consider the case of Robert Lee Willie, whose execution story was maid into a movie Dead Man Walking. The criminal kidnapped an 18-year-old girl, raped her, and stabbed her. Robert Lee Willie was sentenced to death for that horrid crime, but he revealed no remorse to the end. Even his criminal defense attorney said it was unnatural to defend such a rogue.

2) The possibility of being sentenced to death is an effective deterrence for potential criminals. If people know that the death penalty is the possible punishment for murder, then they are less likely to commit the crime. Though there are some contradictory facts, they will be given further.

3) The death penalty requires less financial expenses than providing an inmate’s imprisonment for the rest of his or her days. This opinion also has its denial.
4) The death penalty is always just and applied to all people equally. Innocent people can’t be sentenced to death. In case of innocence a person will be absolved and set free.

Further the reasons for opposition to the death penalty are shown.

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